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What should you expect at your appointment? 

Thorough Consultation: The ultimate goal is to understand and meet your desired hair goals! A thorough, in depth, consultation will be performed before every service to give professional and realistic recommendations to meet your needs.

Refreshments: Tasty complementary refreshments and snacks are offered during all services. Feel free to ask your stylist for any refreshments available! 

Educational Tips + Maintenance, Rebooking, Take Home Product: To make sure you have everything you need before leaving the salon, we will discuss any questions you may have on maintenance, prebooking and at home care to keep your new style looking fresh! 

Please note these are starting rates, all rates are subject to change based time needed and stylist experience level.  

*Before booking please be sure to visit our policies tab. By scheduling an appointment the guest is agreeing to all policies stated.* 

Hair Design

Shampoo + Blowout: $45 Includes a luxury shampoo experiences, finishing blowout and style of your choice.


Haircut + Blowout: $70 A personalized appointment to create shape and movement to your desired length. includes a shampoo, blowout and style of your choice. 

Scissor Cut: $55 Expert cut on dry hair. 

Curly Cut: $55 Includes a wash and personalized cut based on your specific curl pattern with a diffused style. 

Bang Trim: $10 

Hot Tool Style (Wash not included): $15 Perfect way to finish a luxury blowout.


Clipper Cut: $40 Includes a wash and a mix of clipper and scissor cutting to create the perfect blend. 

Buzz Cut: $25 One length clipper guard all over, wash not included. 

Beard/Neck Trim: $10 


Single Process Color

Roots: $100 Coverage on up to 1" of growth from scalp. 

Gloss: $70 Typically for in-between lightening services to freshen color.

All Over Color: $120 One color applied from roots to ends

Color melt: $190 A mix of up to 2 or more colors to create a seamless blend. 

*Add on a blowout to any of these services for $45

*Add on a haircut + blowout to any of these services for $70

Texture Services and Treatments

Natural Keratin: Smoothing Treatment: $300 Sleek, smooth hair that lasts 4-6 months. 

KC Max Treatment: $300 Reduces up to 4 levels of curl lasting up to 4 months. 

Express Blowout: $125 Reduces frizz for ultimately smooth curls. 

Olaplex Treatment: $45 A standalone treatment to help repair damage and restore the hair's integrity. 

Malibu Treatment: $55 Rids the hair of mineral and product buildup achieving softer, more manageable hair.


Traditional Foils

Mini Foil: $155 10 foils or less, focused around the face and hairline. 

Partial Foil: $200 Strategically placed foils for minimal lightening. 

Full Foil: $250 Entire head of foils for maximum lightening. 

*Add on a haircut to any of these services for $70

Lived in Color

Lived in Express: $210 Lived in money piece or face frame lightening

Lived in Partial: $240  Ideal for a very dimensional lived in look. 

Lived in Full: $280 Offers maximum brightness while still being low maintenance.

*Add on a haircut to any of these services for $70


Specialty Services

All specialty services are charged $80 - $100 per hour. 

(Includes Specialty Foils, Vivids, and Color Corrections.)

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